Tales of Laputa to be renamed Tales of Solaris

MMO ATK covered Tales of Laputa multiple times over the past few weeks, and there’s already another important update on the horizon. Developers at NGames have announced a rebranding of the free-to-play MMORPG, giving it a new name: Tales of Solaris.

The name change is a sudden move, but certainly not the first in MMO beta history. Tracy Wang, the PR Manager for NGames stated, “We’re changing the name to Tales of Solaris to help us reach a wider global audience. We want even more players to experience this magical web MMO, and we believe a name change is the best way to do that.” A game title is important, but it?s the other content players will likely look forward to in this update.

The altered title brings along big changes in overall play. A new mercenary system is expected to alter the way players approach dungeons and quests. There is also a new Plume system for gathering wing parts and a battle mode that features the use of multiple pets. The Tales of Solaris title will go into effect on Tuesday, May 28 when the game is finally updated.

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