Tamer Saga – New Server And Guild System

PopPace, developers of the popular pet-themed MMORPG game Tamer Saga, have just revealed details of the recently released guild system. Following a huge overhaul of the pet system in December the game has continued to grow in popularity. Accompanying today’s announcement is the release of a brand new server, God of Fear. Hoping to aid with population issues on other servers, the new server is open to both new and old players alike.

As is traditional in MMO games of today gamers can create or join guilds with like-minded players from around the globe. Although Tamer Saga previously supported a very basic guild system, this latest update expands on that idea with new features, mechanics and progression possibilities.

The new features include the ability for guild’s to expand, purchasing new bonuses that reward their regular and loyal members. The variety of bonuses and benefits are quite impressive, with the full list being viewable below.

Guild Farm: Players can consume certain Guild Contribution to raise their spare pets in the guild farm to receive Exp faster. Pets in the guild farm will keep receiving Exp if there is enough food. The amount of Exp received depends on how long the pet stays in the farm.

Guild Eudemon: Each guild can select a unique, strong Eudemon. Each time guild members summon a Eudemon, the target will help them in battles for one hour. The cost will be used to enhance the Eudemon.

Guild Paddock: Guild members are allowed to add mounts to the guild paddock so that everybody in the guild can summon them. Some advanced mounts are even able to make the rider stronger. After being activated, some mounts will always be available, while some will only last for a limited period of time. Players can prolong the valid duration. To claim a mount, players must spend some certain Contribution points.

Guild Technology: Upgrading the guild technologies is another important method to enhance a guild?s overall strength. Those technologies can directly increase the gains from the farm, territory, resource deposits and guild war and enhance the guild mounts. Only the guild leader and elders are qualified to upgrade a technology at the cost of guild?s Gold and/or Elements.

Despite several MMO releases in the pet driven niche, none have really attracted mainstream gamers away from their MMO of choice. Tamer Saga offers thousands of pets but it’s practically unheard of in certain MMO circles. Have you ever played the game?

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