Top 10 Best Free City Building Games for 2013

Get out your virtual hard-hat and grab your favorite hammer because it’s time to get building!  City building games bring out the most creative in people and can transform any old dull day into one where you feel like you accomplished something.  People who love city building or management games like to erect massive structures, create civilizations and manage complete societies from the comfort of your desk chair (or couch).

Today I have a great list of the ten best free city-building games that are leading the way in 2013.  Get your construction on!

[heading]10. Castlot[/heading]

Castlot is a free to play online browser based MMORPG that mixes a great deal of resource management with city building and intense fighting. The game incorporated both turn-based and real-time combat modes.
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[heading]9. Rising Cities[/heading]

Rising Cities is a newer entrant into the free to play urban development / city building genre, but has the powerful name of Bigpoint sitting right behind guiding it along its way. In Rising Cities you will rise to power and become the most celebrated mayor in history. Fans of games like SimCity will love this free to play city builder.
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[heading]8. Goodgame Empire[/heading]

Goodgame Empire is a multiplayer strategy game that’s both a great city-builder and a must for any browser based gamer. In the game you will build your own castle as you create a powerful army and use it to fight against other players and NPCs to conquer the world.
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[heading]7. Edgeworld[/heading]

Edgeworld is a unique free social game from Kabam where you will build a galactic empire and have to defend it against aliens and other interplanetary foes. Your planet is rich with resources which means that you have a target on your back! Build your city with awesomely designed space themed buildings and skillfully deploy your units for maximum destruction!.
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[heading]6. The Godfather 5 Families[/heading]

The Godfather 5 Families is another great resource management game from Kabam. Fans of The Godfather and 1930’s gang fighting in the streets of New York will love this game. Build up your fledgling Mafia and take on other families as you fight to establish dominance with your wealth and power.
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[heading]5. Dragons of Atlantis[/heading]

In Dragons of Atlantis you will find yourself in the middle of a war between four different tribes. With enemies coming form all sides it will take a truly skilled player in order to build up an expansive empire and conquer your enemies. The real unique factor about Dragons of Atlantis is the ability to conquer your foes with an army of dragons, minotaurs, giants and more!
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[heading]4. Lord of Ultima[/heading]

Lord of Ultima is a web-based strategy MMO that brings elements of classic RTS games and resource management games and combines them for a unique gameplay. Set in the Ultima universe you will master the art of diplomacy and trade as well as setting up your military activities that include spying, plundering and of course, sieging enemy castles and cities.
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[heading]3. The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age[/heading]

The Hobbt is another new entrant into the city-building, resource management gaming sphere with an epic storyline that fits right in with the great Middle-earth and the lore of the Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs. The fate of Middle-earth is in your hands as you battle against thousands of players online to defend your realm.
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[heading]2. Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances[/heading]

Command and Conquers Tiberium Alliances is the first free to play browser game in the C&C universe. Fans of the series will enjoy seeing many of the same features in a free to play game. Build up your base on a planet filled with valuable Tiberium as enemies from around the universe try to take it from you.
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[heading]1. The Settlers Online[/heading]

The Settlers Online takes city-building games to a whole new level. The Settlers series has been wowing fans since the original game came out in 1993. This award-winning browser game should be played by all!
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