Tanki Online Just Went Mammoth!

AlternativaPlatform today revealed some exciting details on the update following the recent addition of The Dictator hull with the debut of the incredibly powerful, Mammoth tank hull. As with other elements of the tank in Tanki Online players are able to customize their hulls from the currently available 7 variations. Each can be upgraded through 4 additional levels (M0 through M3) accompanied by microupgrades that can offer a quick but small boost of stats to certain parameters of the hull.

The introduction of The Mammonth marks the debut of the heaviest hull in all of Tanki Online. This makes this behemoth beast a force to be reckoned with, regardless of what you’re packing under that hood. The hull is endowed with incredibly high levels of HP and armor, quite often requiring direct fire from multiple sources to destroy it.

Fun fact: The size
of this hull is actually scaled to that of a real mammoth!

Tanki Online is available as a free-to-play title that can be enjoyed from the comfort of any current internet browser.

Source: Press Release

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