Tenno’s Get Spooky For Warframe’s Halloween In Space

Whoever said the metallic inner shining of infested space vessels in the darkest depths of space wouldn’t be a fitting home for Halloween festivities? Digital Extremes today announced the beginning of the spooky season with an exciting selection of visually pleasing content for the critically acclaimed Warframe.

Today Tenno’s everywhere celebrate the release of an array of new Halloween themed customization options aimed at providing players with additional customization opportunities for their favorite suits of mass destruction.

Summon a haunting new look with a variety of Day of the Dead weapon skins and bundles, available for Buzlok, Kronen, Jatt Kittag, Amprex, Glaxion, Nukor, AkVasto, Grinlok and Marelok Warframes. As an added bonus, the developers are also re-releasing the original Day of the Dead bundles, sets that were not previously available on the console versions.

Finally, Warframe’s everywhere can take inspiration from Dracula’s personal closet with vampire-esque Naberus shoulder plates, armored wings that are sure to drive the fear of pure style into the hearts of your enemies.

If these new aesthetic options have whet your appetite grab them while you can. All items are only available until November 3rd.

Source: Press Release

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