The Aurora World – Jumping Into Open Beta March 28th

CBE Games announced last week that their newest fantasy MMORPG will be jumping into open beta starting this Thursday march 28th.  The Aurora World has been going strong in numberous countries around the world, but finally North American players will get a chance to jump into this exciting fantasy setting.

So what is The Aurora World?  Well it takes place after a cataclysmic war between the gods in heaven which leaves the world in chaos.  As a player you will adventure across the land and unit the powers of good while taking on everything that is evil.  There are a number of different professions with their own unique specializations and mastery systems to help you along the journey.

In addition to the open beta players will also be a variety of gifts given to those who reach certain levels.  At level 25 there is a Special Graduation Gift and at level 30 a purple weapon which is special for your profession.  Then at level 40 you can also get purple armor.  The purple weapons and armor are the highest quality in the game.  Below we have a first look video for The Aurora World, and for those interested in signing up for the open beta click on The Aurora World website.

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