The Secret World – Limited Time Discount

Funcom have just announced a new discount offer for their struggling action MMORPG game, The Secret World. Following many months of rumors and speculation, Funcom’s latest title finally hit the free-to-play market but adopted the buy-to-play approach. For the next week only, Funcom are offering a 25% discount on the full game, as well as the added incentive that includes $10 worth of premium currency.

The $10 Bonus Points is enough to allow interested parties to purchase the last two lots of DLC content including The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn and The Last Train to Cairo. You cannot argue that the change in business model showed a massive increase in players, but many have said the game lacks content to continue playing after a few weeks. This latest deal is sure to bring in some extra numbers but will it be enough; bringing in more players to combat the lack of content?

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