The Best Stops for Mobile Gaming

As much as a I love spending an afternoon saving the planet with games like Mass Effect: Andromeda, there is a time and place for all types of games. Sometimes, you just want to enough the simplicity of mobile gaming or you’re somewhere that you can just whip out your gaming console and get to work. Although, it would be funny to see someone with a tv screen and Xbox plugged in at the airport.

Of course, not all mobile games are created equal. Here are the best mobile games for summer 2017 that won’t bore you before your break is over.

Best Android Games 2017:

  1. Super Mario Run
  2. Crash Lands
  3. The Room Three
  4. The Trail
  5. 8 Ball Pool

Best iOS Games 2017:

  1. Injustice 2
  2. Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius
  3. Reigns
  4. Pokemon Go
  5. Post Knight

Now, there are good and bad places to play mobile games. While you are on the clock at work is obviously not a good choice, and being in the open sun can cause screen visibility issues. Here is where we think the best places to play your mobile games this summer are:

Coffee Shop – what better way to game then with coffee readily available? If you need a break from studying or you just want to put your book down, then the coffee shop is an ideal place for mobile gaming.

Home – If you’re looking to pass the time then what better place to play a game on your phone than the comfort of your own home? Complete with your favorite pillow, there is no place like home.

On a Plane – Need something to do on your long flight? Make your traveling experience more manageable with an awesome mobile game. You’ll be at your destination before you know it!

On Your Work Break – There is nothing like unwinding during your break with a great mobile game. Just be careful not to replace your actual work with gaming!

While you are home this summer, you might have had your fill of all the games in your collection. If you’re looking for some new fun without breaking the bank, we suggest indie games. These games are normally obscure, but they are lovable for their quirkiness. Typically, these games are bug-free and are a way for develops to test user responses to different art styles, sound tracks, and game play styles.

So, when you get tired and playing Candy Crush, here are the best Indie Games to check out this summer.

Best Indie Games 2017:

1. Don’t Starve
Don’t Starve is an indie crafting adventure game that offer lots replay value. The game has a permadeath feature that encourages a variety of gameplay and a goal of constantly staying alive.

2. Braid

This masterpiece of a game looks like a rip-off of a Super Mario game on first glance. However, the more you play, the more the genius of this game reveals itself. This is easily one of the best puzzle games available in addition to having a well-crafted story arc.

3. Darkest Dungeon

This turn-based combat RPG presents a unique take on the genre. In this dark world, you will be forced to commit terrible acts in order to restore your family estate to its former glory. You decide which heroes to keep and which ones to send on suicide missions to serve your own benefit.

4. Firewatch

Firewatch is definitely not your typical murder mystery game. Aesthetically, this game look amazing. The characterization and amazing rendered sunsets draws your attention immediately. This a first-person exploration game with an incredibly rich 4-hour story that is sure to get you invested.

We hope your 2017 Summer is filled with awesome gameplay! Be sure to check back for new game updates, reviews, and interviews.

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