The Blood Harvest Looms In Forsaken World

Perfect World Entertainment today announced the next upcoming expansion for the dark free-to-play MMORPG game, Forsaken World. The expansion, Blood Harvest, promises to deliver an exciting variety of new content to the popular MMO title with the introduction of a brand new class leading the charge The release will mark the first opportunity players will have to test out the new Reaper class and currently available classes will be treated to a variety of new abilities and skills thanks to an increase in the level cap, raising the maximum level to 90.

Accompanying the Reaper and the new abilities are entirely new tiers of gear and a brand new never-before-seen region. Freedom Islands will test players to their very limits with a difficult selection of instances and deadly variety of boss battles. Lower level players will be happy to hear that the developers have also made adjustments to certain zones to increase the amount of available quests and speed up leveling through the more grind intensive areas of the game.

the Reapers and the new level cap, returning players will find a ton to
experience with this latest expansion,” said Perfect World
Entertainment Product Manager, Justin Scoggins. “We’ve
made some major optimization changes for players of all levels and it’s
now easier than ever to make headway into the far reaches of Eyrda, and
the frosty new region of Freedom Islands.” 

Source: Press Release

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