The Dead Linger Night/Day Cycle Video

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Over the course of the weekend Sandswept Studios released a new trailer for The Dead Linger, showcasing the games upcoming night and day cycle. As the game is currently in alpha there’s a lot of core features still needing some attention from the development team. The night and day cycle is among the most requested features from the growing community as the current system doesn’t really do the game any favors.

If you’ve played the game you’re probably aware of the current “light switch” mechanic. Basically the game switches between day and night as quickly as someone switching on the bathroom light. The new system offers far more realism as players can actually track the sun on its path across the sky giving them some much needed time to prepare for the dangers the night brings.

The night/day cycle video is one of the features expected to launch with the “Big Engine Change” update that is currently scheduled for late August, early September. The game has also been approved for Steam greenlight so it expect to see it appear on Valve’s digital distribution platform soon.

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