The Explosive Block N Load Is Now Available As Free-To-Play Game

Jagex are proud to announce that the explosive team-based online combat game, Block N Load, is celebrating two exciting developments today as the game welcomes its largest update ever alongside the transition to a free-to-play revenue model. The transition takes the core gameplay and mechanics of Block N Load and enhances them with new improvements to matchmaking and shooting mechanics as the game prepares to welcome thousands of new players following the dropping of the premium pay wall.

Block N Load is now awash with exciting new content including the highly anticipated daily challenge system – giving players new objectives every 24 hours for unique and valuable rewards. The types of objectives players will encounter vary greatly, including everything from achieving a specific number of kills in a match or taking specific control points. Gold bars earned through the new daily missions will allow players to purchase a variety of new Heroes and Perks.

[quote cite=”David Solari, Vice President, Block N Load”]“We know from working together with our amazing player community, that the vast majority of our players wanted Block N Load to be a free-to-play game, so that’s what we’ve done! We took the time to develop and implement a fully-rounded free-to-play experience, and added a ton of new content and improvements on top. We are really proud to have made a game that is truly unique in the shooter space and look forward to working with our players again to build on it.”[/quote]

Source: Press Release

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