The Horror Genre and Jump Scares – MMOpinion

In the Halloween spirit I guess.  But I’m curious if anyone else feels this way about horror games.  It seems to me that a horror game simply means that something is going to jump out at you and scare you for that illicit and cheap reaction.  For that brief moment you are startled or scared and twitch your eyes, or jump back from your chair or shake the controller.  Something along those lines.  But that’s it. 

It could be that i’m just not really frightened by much else.  And maybe many are like me.  The only way to truly get a response is to jump out at me.

So I’m curious to know what you think.  Can a video game be truly scary or mentally degrading without resorting to making the weirdly shaped monster jump out of a shadow at me? Or is that the only thing that can really scare you? Are there any games that really shy away from the jump scare and focus on your mind?

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