The Ideal MMO – Battle Karting

It’s a genre that has touched generations decade after decade but we’ve yet to see it seriously impact the MMO space, go-karts and weapons! If you think of speedy little carts and humorous weapons, what game comes to mind? Well I’d imagine most people would instantly think of Mario Kart.

However, there have been a number of other games in the genre that have provided some good laughs. Sonic Racing was Sega’s attempt and many other big names have entered the mix; even Crash Bandicoot. Going back, one of my personal favorite entries into the genre was Street Racer. Not quite as refined as Mario Kart and some of the bigger names, but it blended solid mechanics with approachable game play to deliver a good experience.

We’ve seen a few karting MMO games come and go over the years but as is often true with the free-to-play MMO genre, most were simple attempts at separating gamers from their hard earned cash. Offering a thrilling racing experience for about 15 minutes before you realize you’re finishing last every race because everyone else has purchased cars faster than anything free players have access to.

So why haven’t we seen this genre come into the MMO lights? Nobody really plays Mario Kart solo, half the fun is laughing as you knock out first place before hearing their rage as you zip past smiling. MMO games are all about the communities, the players at your side; so why does a genre that focuses so heavily on multiplayer features avoid the real multiplayer arena?

Have you had any good experiences with karting MMO games? Would you like to see a real effort at delivering one to the MMO space?

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