The Importance Of Character Customization

Some of you may have read my rant on timed beta events during my experience with Marvel Heroes, but I had a few other gripes with the game as well. During my time playing MMO games I’ve come across a huge variety of innovative ideas for character customization but this upcoming super hero MMO doesn’t have any.

In the virtual setting that is the MMO world we all want to stand out, we want to look unique and impose our own personalities onto the characters representing us in-game. Companies have invested thousands of hours into creating uniquely in-depth character creation features, but for some reason Gazillion Entertainment have chosen to ignore it completely.

Obviously we’re playing as iconic characters from the Marvel Universe but I don’t want to join a group of players and see 3 of us sharing an identical appearance. They do have additional costumes to unlock or purchase via micro-transactions but all in all, they’re still just Marvel characters.

I don’t understand why they didn’t opt to provide players with the choice of creating their own hero. They could still charge to unlock certain movesets belonging to Marvel characters but the game would have the additional benefit of offering traditional MMO character customization.

How important for you is it to look unique in an MMO game?

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