Dominate The Skies With The Dragons Prophet Open Beta

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Sony Online Entertainment have just announced the open beta dates for their highly anticipated free-to-play MMO, Dragon’s Prophet. Dozens of popular MMO websites featured closed beta keys and thousands were scooped up within minutes of the giveaways going live. It was easily one of the most anticipated closed beta events this year and the open beta is sure to begin with a bang.

Players will get the chance to capture, train, ride and right with hundreds of unique dragons when Dragon’s Prophet enters open beta on May 30th. Those that have supported the game with the Dragon’s Prophet Founders Package will have the opportunity to explore the realm of Auratia with a one day head start on May 29th.

Accompanying the open beta release date is another announcement from SOE, lifting the closed beta Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This means current closed beta testers and previous players are now freely able to share their stories and experiences from the world of Auratia, providing a flood of additional information and opinions.

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