The Lost Titans Early Bird Gift Pack

[keys id=129156]Welcome, welcome, welcome, gamers! MMO ATK and ZQGame are proud to team up and present to you an ?Early Bird Gift Pack?.

Let?s take a sneak peek of what you can get:
100000 Silver
Level 25 Epic Outfit (5 pieces)
300 Level 25 Brilliant Shards
10000 faction points
30 Growth Surge Token
50 Star Fortune

[heading]How to redeem your gift package[/heading]
1. Register or sign-in to your ZQGame account here.
2. Click “Play” and choose a server.
3. Install and run the plug-in.
4. Create your character and enter the game.
5. Enjoy the beginning of your The Lost Titans journey in the Newbie area and Iron City before you arrive at the main city: City of Light.
6. In City of Light Find the NPC Chloe at coordinates (X320,Y288). Press “M” for the world map.
7. Chloe will help you exchange your gift pack using the code below.
8. Items will be located in your bag.

[heading]The Lost Titans Developer Interview[/heading]

The Lost Titans MMO Action RPG | Developer Interview

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