The Mighty Quest Release Date Revealed

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Following the ending of the final open house event for The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot, Ubisoft today announced the official launch date for the highly anticipated open beta event. The world of Opulencia will open to all come February 25th, bringing with it an array of new content including the addition of a brand new character.

Currently known as “The Runaway” the fourth character to join the Archer, Mage and Warrior classes will have access to deadly mid-range attacks and a “badass musical axe”. Little more is known at the moment but we expect more information closed to the open beta launch date.

Ubisoft also announced the winner of the open house event which saw all 3 currently playable characters fighting for the attention from The Mighty Quest community. The faithful Sir Painhammer claimed the title as the most popular character throughout the event despite claims of foul-play from both the Mage and Archer.

Source: Press Release

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