League Of Legends Is Dominating The MOBA Space

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The 2014 season for Riot Games’ League of Legends is officially underway and to celebrate the developers have released an impressive set of figures for the League of Legends community. We’ve not seen similar figures released since October of 2012 so this is a great opportunity to see how League of Legends has grown throughout its competitive seasons

  • More than 67 million players play League of Legends every month (monthly active players) (October 2012 comparable: ?more than 32M?)
  • More than 27 million players play League of Legends every day (daily active players) (October 2012 comparable: ?more than 12M?)
  • During each day?s peak play time, more than 7.5 million gamers play League of Legends concurrently (March 2013 comparable: ?more than 5M?) (October 2012 comparable: ?more than 3M?)

To put that into perspective, the most popular MMO in history (World of Warcraft) has never come close to attracting that kind of player-base and although League of Legends occupies a different genre and financial model, one cannot help but be impressed by the massive popularity snowball since its release.

Source: Press Release

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