The Repopulation Alpha Servers Going Offline

It appears the worst fears of Above and Beyond Technologies and the community at The Repopulation has come true today as the team announce that the Alpha servers will be going offline for a currently undisclosed period of time. Despite a good level of success on crowd-funding platforms and an impressive debut on Valve’s gaming platform Steam The Repopulation has still run into problems following a recent announcement that Idea Fabrik, the creators of the Hero Engine that currently supports the game, have run into problems that has thrown the future of The Repopulation into question.

As of today the Alpha servers for The Repopulation will be offline until the team find a solution to the problem impacting the games engine. One of the Lead Developers of Above and Beyond Technologies, J.C Smith took to the official website to answer the concerns of their backers and offered additional insight into the problems plaguing the game at the moment. He did mention that he was unable to go into great detail due to confidentiality clauses with certain third-party partners.

[quote cite=”J.C. Smith, Lead Developer, Above and Beyond Technologies”]
“It is with heavy hearts that we announce today that development The Repopulation has been temporarily suspended and alpha servers are expected to go offline on Wednesday, December 23rd. As most of you are already aware, Idea Fabrik (the creators of Hero Engine) has been going through some turmoil over the past month which has caused us to temporarily suspend sales of the game. Servers have remained online, but their ongoing costs are preventing us from keeping them online indefinitely. As a result, the Repopulation’s alpha servers will be going offline on Wednesday until this situation is resolved.

We want to stress that this is not the end of The Repopulation. Our goal remains to ship the product in as timely of a fashion as possible. This situation could take some time to resolve though. We don’t have an ETA for when the issues will be resolved unfortunately, as this is not under our control, but it’s this could stretch out for a little bit of time.” [/quote]

An ETA has yet to be announced but we’ll keep you posted once we hear more.

Source: Official Forums

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