Xsyon Embraces Change To Buy-To-Play Model

The post-apocalyptic survival fantasy sandbox MMORPG Xsyon today announced that the team at Notorious Games are dropping the previous subscription model in favor of a buy-to-play revenue model that will allow players to purchase once and play forever.

Previous players that already picked up a copy of Xsyon: Prelude on Steam can jump right into the action without further costs while those that have been holding out on the investment can currently pick up the game for $29.99 and enjoy the features of the game without subscription.

The team also released details on recent improvements, features older players wanted improving and the ideas currently in the development pipeline.

Recent improvements:

  • Revised versatile architecture system with multi-story construction.
  • Laying out and visualizing full constructions before finalizing your creations.
  • Building of bridges, tree houses and fantastical structures with ease.
  • Many new structural components including trusses, cantilevers and railings.
  • Building uses including Infirmaries, Trading Posts and Welcome Stations.


Recent feature highlights:


  • Extensive farming system allowing players to plant, water, tend and harvest a variety of useful crops.
  • Innovative cooking system allowing players to combine ingredients and seasonings creating custom recipes. Players can save their recipes in a cookbook and create powerful signature dishes.


Future ideas in the works:


  • Revised creature systems, stats and path finding.
  • Vanity and combat pets.
  • Tame-able mounts.


Source: Press Release

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