The Repopulation – Looking Ahead to 2013

While it’s still early in 2013 there are tons of developers that are trying to put their foothold on the MMO space with their new titles.  The team behind The Repopulation MMORPG is trying just that and has posted a look ahead at their plans for 2013. The biggest news for the game is that they have a target for the beginning of closed beta testing, which will start in the Spring of 2013.  The full release of the game will then come when they feel that it is in a polished and ready state. Additionally, the team is promising more news releases and more frequent updates about The Repopulation. Devs will be attending PAX Prime to show off the game as well.

In their 2013 the developers talk about attending GDC and showing off an early alpha build to the public, starting their Kickstarter campaign and gaining additional funding to bring in some help, and going through an engine upgrade and significant improvements to their major systems.  A considerable amount of time and content has been added and updated in order to get the game ready for the players.

The team is shifting into a new phase where they want to get out as much information as possible on their new game.  They will be doing more frequent press releases and focusing on a variety of topics as well as doing video updates as beta comes closer.  They mention there is a plethora of information on their website and forums and are hoping to upgrade those in the coming months as well.

For more information on The Repopulation and their 2013 plans visit their news article.

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