The Repopulation

This sci-fi MMO is an innovative sandbox game in which players have a whole planet to shape as they please through building nations and warring other nations in order to gain great swathes of territory. Use of political systems to keep the citizens of cities happy is an integral part of the game. However other paths can be chosen if you do not want to be involved in politics. Harvesting and crafting are important aspects of the game too. Whatever you choose to do in The Repopulation, you are guaranteed to have fun.

The action takes place on the planet Rhyldan, with the only known remaining human population fighting for their very existence. The indigenous life forms did not meet their colonization efforts with open arms. Worse yet, humans have managed to splinter themselves into warring factions.
The Repopulation has so many great and innovative features it would be hard to list them all so I will list the more important and fascinating content. For more in depth details please feel free to visit their website at
Players can form their own nations in which they can design and build multiple cities and assign mayors to run them. They can recruit an army with customisable ranks and titles. Different levels ranging between Ally and Nemesis can be set regarding other Nations. Politics and Diplomacy are a huge part of the game.
An Advanced Generated Mission system allows us to create complex multi-stage missions which are tailored specifically for your character. Players can filter which types of missions they wish to receive, so only those missions are generated for them. Missions can have branching outcomes based on a player?s actions. NPCs can talk about things that have happened to them and to other players and NPCs. Your actions will be remembered by NPCs, and they may exploit your tendencies if you let them.
There are no levels in this game. Instead you level up skills by using them (Fallen Earth style). This features 75 unique skills, and 14 tiers within each skill line. Players are not forced into combat roles. Crafting, harvesting, diplomatic or other non-combat oriented skills can operate and progress independently of combat. Skills increase automatically through use. Abilities are earned and not given automatically.
Equipment is highly customisable to change appearance or stats. The ‘Fitting’ system is similar to socketing gems or runes in other MMO’s, however most is available to you very early considering you don’t have to reach a specific level to equip things.
The sandbox elements extends to whole areas of the world changing dramatically on occasion. If a settlement gets over run it can turn into a dungeon and drastically change the content in the area.
There are three types of pets in The Repopulation; Tamed, Genetically Engineered and Robotic. Tame animals when they are young, then have them slowly grow into fully matured pets if they receive proper care and feeding. Genetically engineer species and hybrids by splicing DNA and Tissue from different species. Robotic pets can serve a variety of different combat and non-combat roles.
The Harvesting system allows players to harvest their resources in both combat and non-combat related fashions. Over-harvested areas will run dry of resources and recover slowly, rewarding players for discovering more remote locations.
There are two distinct modes of combat: Action Mode and RPG Mode. RPG Mode works like traditional RPG combat. Action Mode allows players to control the game in ways similar to a First Person Shooter. You can toggle between these modes at any time. There are several twists to make combat more interesting including Momentum, Limb Targeting, Species Mastery, Energy Shields, Cover, and Postures.  The generated special abilities system for bosses will force groups or raids to adjust on the fly when fighting bosses, rather than simply looking up spoiler information on the internet.
In conclusion, The Repopulation is an amazing leap in sandbox gaming, going beyond most titles out right now in terms of how open-ended they have managed to get it. For people who want to engage in a dynamic and almost real experience this is the perfect game for them.

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