The Secret World – Buy To Play A Huge Success

The struggles of The Secret World didn’t stay secret for very long; thanks to the keen eyes of the gaming press. The delays in expansions and content, the shift around of vital staff; many signs that pointed to a declining game. Then towards the end of 2012 Joel Bylos, creative director of The Secret World, took the reigns and launched a series of successful apocalypse videos. During one of the videos he storms into the offices at Funcom’s headquarters and demanded they allow people to try the game for free, after all who needs money at the end of the world?

The response was immediate as thousands took to the internet to offer their predictions of a free-to-play MMO The Secret World. After the series of videos ended The Secret World did indeed change its financial model; but not to the free-to-play option as expected. Instead they opted for the buy-to-play approach, offering players subscription free game time for a one off purchase.

Since the change to a buy-to-play business model in December the activity in The Secret World has increased by over 400%, including both players returning to the game and those enjoying the experience for the first time. The game has also sold over 70,000 copies in the last month, a massive increase of almost 30% to overall sales.

Have you played it yet? Are you more inclined to try it after the change to a buy-to-play business model? If you’re on the fence take a quick look at Kerry Taylor’s in-depth The Secret World Review here on MMOAttack.

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