Tera – Going Free-To-Play In February

The true action, fantasy style MMORPG Tera is
going free-to-play in February. This news obviously came as a huge surprise
considering the game launched just nine months earlier with a traditional
monthly subscription.

The first question would be: what happens to all of the players who are part
of the first and only year of subscription? Luckily Gameforge, the company that
manages Tera in Europe, has confirmed that those players will be granted
Veteran status after automatically being submitted into the Tera Club until the
game transitions to free-to-play.

The Tera club will give a number of bonuses to already dedicated players
until they are able to enjoy their Veteran status in February. This special
status will then provide players with all eight character slots when typically only
having access to two. Veteran players will also be granted four bank tabs
instead of the usual one, along with a bonus title that?s available in game.
From there both experience and new players alike will enjoy an assortment of
original content including new bosses, dungeons, challenges, raids, and an
innovative three versus three battle arena.

Here?s the trailer that TeraEurope uploaded to their youtube channel to
accompany the big announcement.


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