The Sleeping Giant Debuts In SMITE

Hi-Rez Studios today released an exciting new God reveal trailer for the upcoming release of Kumbhakarna, The Sleeping Giant, in SMITE. Sticking with recent tradition Hi-Rez Studios release yet another God with in-depth mechanics with Kumbhakarna utilizing an interesting sleep feature alongside many of his abilities.

The Sleeping Giant comes complete with more CC than you’ll see in a World of Warcraft raid. His passive ability sees Kumbhakarna fall asleep when reduced to 0 HP, returning to a normal state at 25% HP unless hit by 6 basic attacks. Two of his other abilities include a root with scaling damage based on magical power and an ability that both slows and mesmerizes targets that Kumbhakarna can use while sleeping during his passive. Kumbhakarna’s ultimate ability, Epic Uppercut, launches an enemy into the air for 2.2 seconds before landing and dealing AoE damage to all enemies in the vicinity.

This patch will also see a general update to the client itself with the latest improvements in the Unreal Engine 3. The developers have warned that this will result in a slightly larger patch than normal and the clients graphical settings will be reset.

Accompanying The Sleeping Giant is a new achievement reward system that will see players unlock new Player Icons for completing certain objectives in-game. Currently these objectives are restricted to master levels but further additions are planned for the future.

For more information you can check the patch notes here.

Source: Press Release

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