The Stomping Lands Developer Returns – Still Refuses To Provide Reasoning For 4 Month Absence

Following a period of silence stretching almost 4 months, developers of the thought-to-be debunked multiplayer survival game, The Stomping Lands, have made a return – offering absolutely zero explanation for their long period of absence. SuperCrit LLC have all but abandoned their player base months ago with both the official Facebook and Twitter accounts suffering complete silence – despite the funding from the game coming from its community via Kickstarter.

More recently Valve announced that The Stomping Land has been removed from Steam following a large number of complaints from players. Those that already purchased the game can still access servers via the Steam library but there’s no option for new players to make a purchase. In a new post on the official forums the lead developers explains the current situation and the near future plans for the game.

At no point does he offer any explanation on totally abandoning the very people that helped make the game come true. He attempts to sweeten the deal with some information on a brand new patch but even then, many have reported that clients are not automatically updating via Steam.

The general response on the official forums is very positive but are the fans being a little naive expecting a leopard to change its spots? Only time will tell.

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