The Time To Breed Is Now – ARK: Survival Evolved Welcomes Exciting New Feature

Studio Wildcard are at it again. Today they announced another exciting update for the critically acclaimed dinosaur survival game, ARK: Survival Evolved, introducing a new Terror of the Deep alongside the highly anticipated dinosaur breeding. Players can download the new update via the Early Access build on Steam, adding the new Mosasaurus dinosaur to the game as well as the ability to hatch your very own little mini-dino’s.

To celebrate the launch of the new update Studio Wildcard have released a brand new trailer, focusing primarily on the debut of the Mosasaurus but also giving players a very brief peek on the hatching process of baby dinosaurs. Check out the trailer below:

Spotlight: Mosasaurus... and Dino Babies!

The breeding system allows players to pair two members of the same dinosaur species, resulting in a baby dinosaur that retains a random selection of traits from both of the parent dinosaurs. This will give players the chance to constantly breed new dinosaurs, building on the more positive traits and slowly weeding out the negative elements.

Source: Press Release

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