Overwatch Beta Announced For October 27th

Blizzard today announced some exciting news for fans of the highly anticipated Overwatch as the award-winning developers announce October 27th as the launching of the Closed Beta client. Blizzard are preparing to invite the first wave of public testers, focusing on 2 primary goals throughout the Closed Beta process.

The team are hoping to receive lots of feedback from players during the first public Closed Beta event, including topics such as gameplay, balancing, tweaks, classes and overall performance on a verity of machines. Secondly Blizzard are hoping to hammer out the vast majority of technical hiccups to improve server performance and make adjustments to infrastructure. To help achieve these goals the first batch of testers will be divided into teams of testers, each with a different objective regarding providing feedback to the development team.

The first phase of Closed Beta is expected to launch on October 27th in the Americas region, although initial numbers will be “extremely limited”. For more information, or to sign up for a chance to participate in the first wave of the Closed Beta testing, check out the official website below.

Source: Official Website

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  1. Class based shooters have fallen off my radar ever since TF2 went free-to-play. I hope this title brings back some life to the genre. The art work is a nice change of pace over the monochrome scheme a lot of other FPS games hold.

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