The Vault Is Unsealed In City of Steam’s Latest Patch

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Early this morning Mechanist Games took down their highly anticipated free to play, browser-based MMORPG City of Steam to undergo their latest patch.  Patch 1.2, or The Vault Unsealed, adds quite a bit of new content to the still in development steampunk MMO.

Some of the new content that was added to the game include two new playable races, the Riven and the Draug, a slew of new quests, a new content hub and an all new wilderness level.  The brand new level is called The Broken Stair and will include most of the new content, including the quests.  The level cap was also increased in the game, players can now get up to level 32.  And PvP enthusiasts will have something to cheer for as well, as they added a new map and new tournament event to the game.

Interested players can read all the new patch updates via the City of Steam forums.

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