The Winds Of Change Sweep Through SMITE

Hi-Rez Studios today released the latest patch for the award-winning SMITE, introducing a mass of new content in what’s become one of the most expansive updates in the games history. The first of today’s exciting new content is the introduction of the new Mayan God, Kukulkan. It’s not the traditional God debut as Kukulkan uses an identical kit to Ao Kuang, who has temporarily been removed. Kukulkan enters the fray with a new character model, alternative skins, character background and voice pack.

You can see Kukulkan in all his glory in the new God reveal trailer:

Accompanying Kukulkan is a serious overhaul for both Odin and Arachne, two God’s that once dominated the battlefield but fell out of favor following the introduction of more powerful God’s in their respective roles. Fans of Freya and Bacchus have also been given a little treat with brand new skins for both God’s, showcased in the trailers below:

As if two reworked God’s, Kukulkan and two new skins wasn’t enough, the patch notes are swamped with new items, changes to existing items and adjustments to current God’s and their abilities. Check out the full contents at the link below:

Source: Patch Notes

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