ThinkGeek hosting a limited supply of replica Portal Guns

Quick! What prop, from any video game, would you want a replica of? Ok, other than an Ocarina. If you?re one of the 3+ million people who bought Portal 2 you probably said the portal gun. And if you?re not — well, go play CoD or something, I don?t know.

NECA, famous for creating replicas from just about any movie or video game with a fanbase, is releasing a life sized portal gun on May 18. The replica is a 1:1 scale model complete with working LED lights and Portal sound effects all for $139.99.

There is, however, a limited supply of 5,000 copies with no details on a second manufacturing run. Reservations will not be issued. Instead potential buyers can put their names on an email waiting list that automatically notifies them once the portal gun has gone on sale, making it a first come, first serve basis. What are you still doing here? There are only 5,000!


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