It’s Time To Dominate In New World Of Tanks Event

Wargaming today announced the beginning of the highly anticipated event for the World War II themed combat MMO, World of Tanks, with the start of Domination. Commanders brave enough to take on the challenge have been invited to enlist at the earliest convenience as the Domination event is a limited-time opportunity and is expected to finish in a few weeks.

The Domination event itself includes chaotic 10 minute battles with the introduction of 3 special Tier 10 vehicles specifically chosen for the event, the AMX 50 B, T110E5 and Object 140.

Competition aside the Domination event is the perfect opportunity for lesser experienced commanders to experience the true power of the Tier 10 vehicles. For the more experienced commanders, the variation of tactics and strategy on display will sure to test their mettle on the battlefield.

For more information check out World of Tanks.

Source: Press Release

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