Top 10 Free to Play Anime Games

Trust us, it’s not easy trying to pick out the Top 10 free to play Anime Games. There are just so many great Anime MMORPG games that we are bound to leave a few behind. The team here at MMO ATK prides itself on bringing you some great games and this list incorporates a large variety of anime games.  There are strategy games, browser games, fantasy games and of course action and adventure games.

This top 10 free to play anime games list features MMO and MMORPG games that are ready to play right now. We’ve included a video gameplay and a short snippet about each game so you can have a better idea of which game would most interest you.  Keep checking back often as we update this list to feature the top 10 free to play anime inspired games for 2012!

10. Dragon Nest

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Dragon Nest is a free to play anime-inspired action MMORPG that takes you on a journey to a land teaming with evil, including dragons, monsters and more. Your goal is to roam the world of Lagendia and find the poisonous grail to save the Goddess of Altea. You have a range of equipment that allow you to customize your character on your journey through Lagendia.

The game offers an extremely detailed anime-style and a world that fits perfectly with the theme. Dragon Nest is comprised of many great RPG elements and dynamic combat that will keep you coming back again and again.

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9. Wizard 101

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Wizard 101 is a anime-inspired 3D MMORPG developed and published by KingIsle Entertainment. The game features a unique magical setting with a polished graphical style that makes the game amazingly entertaining. The game features tons of lore and quests that will keep players logging in time after time. Your goal is to create your wizard from one of the seven wizard types and thwart the sinister plans of Malistare Drake! Your wizard will learn tons of new spells and explore the many realms of Wizard 101.

Wizard 101 draws inspiration from the hugely-popular Harry Potter franchise, but manages to pull off it’s own unique style without feeling like a knock-off. Players who play this game will immediately notice the high production value as compared to many free to play MMORPGs.

Play Wizard 101 now!

8. Fly For Fun

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Fly For Fun (better known as Flyff) is a 3D fantasy anime MMORPG with fun animated graphics. Start as a Vagrant then chose one of four jobs at level fifteen. Once you get the level twenty you have the option to buy a flying broom or skateboard, which takes the game to a whole new level when you get to explore the large game world from the skies.

Flyff is one of the most popular free-to-play anime MMORPGs available. Flyff has a great animated graphical style that?s easy on the eyes, but is beginning to show its age. First released in 2005, the game is continually updated and is on its 12th ‘version’. Like many Asian MMORPGs, players in Flyff start out as a beginner class and then choose a job upon reaching a higher level.

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7. Rusty Hearts

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Rusty Hearts is a multiplayer online game with fast-paced and highly-stylized brawling combat combined with a solo or team-based dungeon exploration experience. In this gothic-inspired world of vampires, half-vampires, and humans, players will be able to unleash devastating combo attacks, engage in a wide variety of epic monster battles, collect valuable loot and become a unique hero.

Play Rusty Hearts now!

6. Aika

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Aika, or Aika online, is a popular free-to-play anime MMORPG developed by JoyImpact. The game is one of the most popular MMOs in Korea and is quickly gaining a following the US. Aika offers all the classic makings of a truly unique anime MMORPG, customizable classes, story-line based questing and player crafting, but where the game really shines is with its extensive PvP capability. Epic battles that pit servers up against each other can reach 2,000 players strong, while a comprehensive guild system across several nations make each encounter truly unique.

Play Aika now!

5. Shaiya

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Released by Aeria games, Shaiya online is a free to play MMORPG supported by a microtransaction system. The story behind the game is the good old good vs. evil fairytale, this time with two goddesses fighting each other.For a F2P MMORPG the graphics are surprisingly good, with decent poly-count, good effects and fluid animations.However, a lot of models especially for NPCs are constantly overused, visual differences between mobs being created by simple retexturing.

Questing in Shaiya may become a bit boring, with a focus on repeating simple tasks over and over again rather than on storytelling or adventure. However, the dungeon system offers simple yet attractive rewards and it?s put together in an artistically appealing way.Shaiya offers four playable races (Humans, Elves, Veil and Nordein), each coming with its own set of three classes. Races and classes can not be mixed so picking one of the four available races automatically limits your class choices to the three classes specific to the chosen race.There are open world PVP options in Shaiya, but most of the brutal PVP encounters in the game are limited by the boundaries of the instanced battlefields you can enter.

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4. Grand Fantasia

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Grand Fantasia is a brightly themed 3D Fantasy MMORPG with anime-inspired graphics. The game is also called Dreamy Journey Online in other parts of the world. With a gorgeously designed game world and fluid gameplay, Grand Fantasia is well worth checking out. Grand Fantasia is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG developed by EASYFUN Entertainment, the same folks who made HolyBeast Online.Perhaps the most unique aspect of the game is its detailed ?Sprite? pet system. Fans of cute anime inspired games like Luna Online and Fiesta Online should certainly be able to find something to like in Grand Fantasia ? but even though the game has fluid gameplay and attractive graphics, it does little to push the genre forward.

Even though the game doesn?t exactly revolutionize the genre, Grand Fantasia is still a high quality free MMO that?s well worth checking out. Players start off their journey in Grand Fantasia as a classless novice and can chose their first class at level 5.

Play Grand Fantasia now!

3. Eden Eternal

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Eden Eternal is a fantasy themed MMORPG that transports players into a world in desperate need of harmony. After several races migrated to a newly discovered continent for a fresh start, they quickly found out from firsthand experience that old habits are hard to break.A disagreement about the direction their future should take erupted into firestorm ignited by previous racial hatred and tension.

A devastating war has left Eden in turmoil. Players step into the shoes of a mysterious hero with magical powers. Although their origin is still unknown they must take on the role of an Eternal Guardian fighting the evil plaguing the lands. Destroy an assortment of monsters mythical beasts, kill fierce bosses and other players.

Play Eden Eternal now!

2. MapleStory

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Enter a world where the fantastic waits around every corner, where adventure leaps right to your doorstep, and where you’re the hero of the greatest adventure story ever told. It’s a place where hunting monsters and casting spells are as ordinary as befriending strangers down the street. All it takes to dive into the welcoming community of MapleStory is simply creating your character.

Maplestory is an exciting, 2D side-scrolling fantasy anime MMORPG with cartoony graphics. The game is certainly one of the most popular free-to-play MMORPGs, as it has a massive community and a lot of features. The game has a massive world to explore with varied classes, unique platforming party quests, and a ton more. Maplestory practically started the entire free-to-play genre, as it was one of the first and most successful free MMORPGs to hit the market.

Play MapleStory now!

1. Crystal Saga

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Crystal Saga is a 2.5D browser-based, classical Anime MMORPG. Choose one of five classes, battle monsters, go on quests, capture and train pets, transform your mounts, and more. Crystal Saga is a anime-style MMORPG. Players can choose from one of five classes (Knight, Rogue, Mage, Priest, and Ranger), each of which has two specializations.

From there, Crystal Saga players can then go on quests, tame and train pets, participate in daily events, and even go dungeoning with friends. The game world supports open PvP as well as special daily battlegrounds where players can gain ranks, fame, and rewards.

Play Crystal Saga now!

We hope you enjoy our Top 10 Anime Games to Play in 2012 and don?t forget to share what you think will be the best free to play Anime Games with us in the comments!

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