Treasure Hunt Event Begins In Dragon’s Prophet

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Sony Online Entertainment recently revealed a multiphase update for Dragon’s Prophet and the latest phase is now live; offering players the opportunity to embark on an epic treasure hunt, promising some of the most powerful rewards seen in any events so far. Following the mounted combat update players now have the opportunity to participate in a gauntlet of challenges with the coveted Laedis Hero armor set promised to the victors.

Before you begin sharpening your sword, you first must know. Obtaining the Laedis Hero set is not a task for the weak as players will have to overcome some of the biggest challenges ever seen in the world of Auratia.

We are very excited to see who will be the
first hero of Laedis. Only the best will master all tasks and collect all
the needed resources” says Kristian Metzger, Director of Product Management,
about the upcoming new series of events. “Players will have a lot
of fun in the hunt for the materials and bosses!”

The world has been updated to include 8 powerful new world bosses, each of which must be defeated if you hope to walk away with the armor set that many hold so dear.

Source: Press Release

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