Trion Responds To ArcheAge Community Concerns

With the Head Start release for ArcheAge just a few hours away developer Trion Worlds today announced a new update that has addressed a number of concerns put forward by the community. The patch offers a variety of adjustments to various in-game mechanics, seeing an increased drop rate for a number of highly sought after items and a change to Labor Potion cooldowns.

The crafting system in ArcheAge relies on players having a large supply of Labor Points. These points are consumed whenever a player completes a crafting related activity, this includes both harvesting and creating of items. Points are returned on an hourly based for players in-game but for anyone looking to invest serious time into the crafting system, Labor Potions are vital. The new changes sees the cooldown reduced to 12 hours and the price to 300 Credits.

Other exciting changes to gameplay include:

  • The drop rate of loot bags from monsters has significantly increased.
  • The drop rate of Sunlight Archeum, Moonlight Archeum, and Starlight Archeum from loot bags has been greatly increased.
  • The chance of equipment from loot bags has increased from monsters. These items can be salvaged to gain archeum.
  • The Solid Shaft recipe is available again, allowing for the construction of fishing boats.
The patch notes also include some information on upcoming features. Players can look forward to a brand new Cosmetic Costumes feature that lets players create sets of equipment or armor based on their aesthetic value, keeping the stats of actual equipped gear but the appearance of Cosmetic Costume pieces. Finally, Trion Worlds also revealed that they are working closely with XLGames to implement a new anti-spamming technology that has been designed to eradicate spammers before they even reach the chat box. More details on both features are expected soon.

The ArcheAge Head Start event begins today at 10am PT, 1pm ET.

Source: Patch Notes

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