ArcheAge Responds To Community Concerns & Returns To Roots


According to a scoop from MassivelyOP, taken from the Korean website for ArcheAge, the developers have been paying close attention to the communities feedback and requests and will be taking the game back to its roots with the next content update. The next update, ArcheAge 3.1, promises to return ArcheAge to its fundamentals following updates … Read more

ArcheAge’s Biggest Ever Expansion Launching December 10th


Trion Worlds and XLGames are preparing to release Revelation, the largest ever expansion for the popular free-to-play fantasy sandbox MMORPG, ArcheAge. On December 10th ArcheAge’s 3.0 update, Revelation, will launch as a free expansion available for all players with brand new features adding yet more depth and freedom to the world of Erenor. Among the … Read more

Korean Update Makes For An Exciting Future In ArcheAge


The Korean community of ArcheAge are abuzz with excitement following the announcement of the highly anticipated and massive 3.0 update for the game, introducing a huge new story line featuring the Goddess of the Hatred as the Western team announce plans to bring the 3.0 update to ArcheAge. The Korean announcement comes from publishing partners … Read more

Trion Worlds Announced Upcoming Auction House Merge For ArcheAge


Developer Trion Worlds today announced an upcoming update designed to stimulate and improve the economy of ArcheAge with a series of Auction Houses merges aimed at creating a more active buying and selling trend among the community. Unlike your traditional MMORPG the Auction House system within ArcheAge is not restricted to a single server, each … Read more

5 Free Days Of Patron Time In ArcheAge With Special Spring Event


Trion Worlds today announced an exciting opportunity for the ArcheAge community as a special Spring event gives everyone the opportunity to claim 5 free days of Patron time added to their account. To claim the 5 free days of Patron time players need to simply log into the game between March 24th and March 29th … Read more


ArcheAge is an open-ended MMORPG from XLGames and Trion Worlds that seeks to free the player from the predefined paths and progression that has become a staple to the RPG genre. Described as a “Sandpark MMORPG,” the game lies firmly between the sandbox and themepark genres.

Players will play as one of four available races, divided between two continents. The Nuians and Elves dominate the western continent, while the Firran and Harani stake claims in the east. More than 100 unique classes can be created through the combination of up to three Skillsets, ranging from Battlerage, to Sorcery, to Shadowplay and more. Skillsets can be swapped at any time allowing the player to tailor their character to any preference or situation.

ArcheAge features a world driven by the player. You can become who you want, perfect the skills and crafts that you love and exploit them to make a living through the game’s player-driven economy. Farming and collecting resources will give you the necessities you need to create your own home, castle or even city through the use of city stones. But be wary, your creations are always at the risk of PvP attack. Constructed siege weapons and rallied armies can deal a devastating blow to even the greatest of powers.

The ocean promises to play a key role in ArcheAge’s player-driven economy. Build and equip ships, assemble crews and secure trade routes to work the seas to your good fortune. Or, take a completely different approach and pirate unsuspecting ships, taking advantage of those trying to make a decent living.

One of the more unique systems to be implemented in the ArcheAge is the judicial system. Commit an in-game crime? You could be subject to punishment by authority of the player run courts. Serving prison time and working off your debt — or attempting escape — is all part of this living, breathing world.

ArcheAge is a free-to-play MMORPG experience. For more information or to sign up, click the Play Now button.

ArcheAge Developers Clamping Down On Sandbox Creativity

ArcheAge News

The appeal of the freedom given in today’s sandbox MMORPG games may today be under threat, for players of ArcheAge at least, as developers Trion Worlds today announced a surprising reversal of opinion surrounding player controlled barricades. The decision follows a detailed discussion on the official forums that resulted in the developers taking a u-turn … Read more

Heroes Awaken Debuts In ArcheAge Tomorrow

ArcheAge News

Trion Worlds today confirmed the final plans surrounding the release of the highly anticipated Heroes Awaken expansion for ArcheAge, as the team plan to roll it out across all servers officially tomorrow, September 12th. The game has been offline under maintenance and the merging of servers for the last couple of days, giving ArcheAge players … Read more

ArcheAge Prepares To Introduce The Hero System

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As Trion Worlds prepare for the release of the 2.0 update for ArcheAge, titled Heroes Awaken, the community continues to build excitement for one of the updates more discussed features, the Hero System. This exciting new feature will give players the opportunity to become legendary faction leaders, bringing to their faction a variety of benefits … Read more

ArcheAge Server Consolidation On The Way

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Trion Worlds recently revealed their plans to consolidate the ArcheAge player-base on higher population servers with upcoming server merges. The developers have given the community an opportunity to choose their future as affected characters have been presented with a pair of choices. Trion Worlds have labeled the consolidation event as an “evolution, and labeled the … Read more

Trion Worlds Release Big List Of Changes For Top MMO Games

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Award-winning developers Trion Worlds recently announced a long list of exciting updates and changes heading to their most popular MMO titles including Defiance, Trove, ArcheAge and Rift. Starting off with Trove, the voxel-based MMO adventure game that has amassed a huge following since its release on July 9th. This Fall players can expect a variety … Read more

Prepare To Devour The Depths In New ArcheAge Update

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Trion Worlds today released the latest update for the increasingly popular sandbox inspired MMORPG ArcheAge, titled Devouring Depths, bringing with it a wealth of new content to the game including the massive Leviathan. Elements of the Devouring Depths that’s exciting most of the fans is the introduction of this huge new beast that arrives as … Read more

Upcoming Automated Systems To Pave Way For Character & Server Transfers In ArcheAge

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The Trion Worlds team recently returned from a trip to Korea following a meeting with ArcheAge developers XLGames in which they discussed upcoming new content, mechanic adjustments and the availability of the often requested character & server transfer ability. ArcheAge enjoyed a successful launch under a free-to-play banner and continues to prove popular as over … Read more