Trion Worlds’ Minecraft Inspired MMO, Trove, Launches July 9th

Although many popular gaming boards will argue its previous availability as an official release the actual launch date for Trion Worlds’ voxel-based Minecraft inspired MMORPG, Trove, has yet to arrive as today the team announce the official launch plans for the craft, exploration & combat MMO.

Those that have yet to sample the wonders on display in the Trove world will finally get the opportunity on July 19th, the official public launch date for the upcoming title. To accompany today’s announcement the development team issued a new Producer’s Letter entry to inform players of current development priorities as well as teasing additional features and improvements scheduled to arrive with the games full launch.


  • More challenges for advanced players. A new class
  • List item
  • Dragons will be added
  • Steam launch
  • Bug fixes and feature enhancement.
  • The first steps into PvP via a new beta phase specifically for that
  • EU adventure worlds
  • UI overhaul


Source: MMORPG

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