Trion Worlds & Trove Joining The Movember Event

Trion Worlds, developers of the increasingly popular voxel-based MMORPG game Trove, today announced their plans for an exciting month of events as the team and the Trove community come together to celebrate this Movember’s event.

Throughout the month of November the official Trove Store has been packed with exciting new items to celebrate the Movember event, as part of a Movember Pack that’s currently on sale for a mere, 100 Cubits. That’s not a misprint, it’s just 100 Cubits.

The Movember Pack item, which is in store until the end of the month, contains the following items:


  • 7 distinct blocks
  • 5 face options that show off your mustachioed mug
  • A Mustache Mag Rider for surfing in style


Source: Official Website

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