Trove Closed Beta Approaches

Trion Worlds upcoming voxel-based MMORPG game, Trove, is all set and ready to impress with tomorrow’s Closed Beta event following a hugely successful Alpha testing period. Since the games initial unveiling in November of last year the community has helped shape Trove in a number of exciting ways. They helped with ideas and features for the first community-designed class and even helped with the creation of a new Biome.

First off, let’s start with a BIG thank you to all our amazing
Supporters and Alpha Testers. You folks have been an absolute blast to
work with, and you’ve helped build Trove in countless ways. From
dreaming up the Community-Designed Class and Biome to shaping tons of
individual features and squishing bugs, you’ve played a critical role in
launching the next stage of Trove. (And, of course, all of awesome
loot, dungeons, and lairs you designed have left a lasting mark!).

The start of Closed Beta will begin tomorrow, September 25th, and will introduce a variety of new elements to the game including brand new worlds complete with new boss battles and loot. The launch of the Closed Beta also signals the beginning of saved character and world progression as the developers confirmed no further wipes have been planned.

We’ll be remaking our characters and
starting them on their true journey, as we’re now playing for keeps and
these characters and their worlds will never be wiped. And soon they’ll
be joined by a new Class – the Neon Ninja – whose debut is right around
the corner.

Source: Official Website

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