ArcheAge Login Queues Addressed In Latest Update

The first week of release for ArcheAge was not as many hoped it would be following a series of DDoS attacks and lengthy waiting times for players looking to log in thanks to the lack of any AFK anti-measures. The team at Trion Worlds quickly addressed the problems surrounding the DDoS’ing problems but it took them a little longer to implement a system that would reduce the sometimes colossal queuing times facing players wanting to explore the sandbox world of ArcheAge.

The developers today announced that the latest update brings good news for those tired of staring at a never-ending countdown timer with the implementation of a new AFK disconnect feature. Previously players would remain in the character select screen whilst AFK, able to get back into the game instantly upon their return. This caused huge problems with those waiting to log in as potentially, nobody ever logged out.

The new system will see AFK players on the character select or creation screen disconnected from servers after a short period. Whether this solves the problem entirely is yet to be seen but it’s a step in the right direction.

Have you been a victim of long waiting times? Have you seen any improvement following today’s patch? Leave a comment below.

Source: Patch Notes

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