Trove Community Invited To Try Their Hand At Boss Design

Trion Worlds today addressed their community of Trovians as they announced the launch of an exciting new competition event which will see the Trove community to reach the most devious parts of their imagination as they come together to create the new boss, a Shadow Titan. The Shadow Titans are the biggest, baddest, meanest behemoths to ever hit the world of Trove, found mastering minions on their own personal floor in the dreaded Shadow Tower.

The team hope to let the community have complete creative freedom when creating the new Shadow Titan for Trove but they did lay out some basic guidelines to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Take some time and think about the kind of Shadow Titan you’d like to see knocking your block off. What should it look like? What is it’s name? What three abilities should it use?
  • Through Friday, July 24th, post your ideas in this official Community-Created Boss forum
  • We’ll go through your ideas and pick some top contenders, then give you the chance to vote for a winner
  • Whichever tyrannical, terrifying Shadow Titan you select will be in game and pwning face in before you know it


They then added that although the community has the freedom to create whatever they wish, the developers are restricted by game mechanics and design so final entries may have to be changed to fit with current game design choices.

Source: Official Website

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