Update 3.3 For Star Wars The Old Republic Delayed

Star Wars: The Old Republic players woke up to some disappointing news this morning as developers BioWare announced an unexpected delay with the launch of Update 3.3, an update that was originally expected to go live following maintenance earlier today. According to a post from Community Manager Eric Musco the team ran into some unexpected problems but are still hoping to release the update as soon as possible. Official details on the release schedule are expected to arrive later today.

[quote cite=”EricMusco Community Manager”]We are running into some issues with Game Update 3.3, and so we are going to be delaying tonight’s scheduled maintenance. It is still our goal to get out Game Update 3.3 as soon as possible. I will pass on more updates tomorrow. Again, there will be no maintenance tonight which will delay the launch of Game Update 3.3.

Musco went on to explain that the delayed update will impact other elements of the game, highlighted below:


  • Bountry Contract Week is delayed until Game Update 3.3 goes live, and will only run until next Tuesday.
  • The Outer Rim Explorer’s pack will still go live tomorrow.
  • The next Conquest will start on time, tomorrow.


Source: Official Website

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