Trove Launches On Mac Platform

The award-winning, critically acclaimed voxel-based RPG from Trion Worlds, Trove, is all set and ready to expand to an entirely new audience as the developers announce the release of the highly anticipated Mac version. The traditional PC version of Trove launched on PC in July of this year and has since amassed a hugely impressive following of over 3.3 million registered players. Throwing players into a unique universe that sees the collision of popular RPG mechanics alongside an extensive crafting system and almost endless opportunity to explore a voxel-based world.

The Mac launch for Trove includes 12 playable classes, difficult procedurally generated dungeons, challenging lairs, a huge variety of landscapes and a near limitless supply of loot, all wrapped up in a hugely detailed world of crafting and exploration.

Since Trove’s original launch the creative community have introduced over 4000 different equipment styles, 160 challenging dungeons and a massive 451,112 unique club worlds.

Source: Press Release

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