True Haven & Hearth Sequel Still In The Works

Haven & Hearth many not be the most discussed MMO today but as one of the first free sandbox MMORPG games on the market it quickly developed a cult following and people have been craving a sequel ever since. Many thought that Salem, the second title from the 2-man Swedish development team Seatribe, was the direct sequel but it was in fact a spiritual successor that wasn’t directly related to the Haven & Hearth experience.

Many of the Haven & Hearth community frequent the games IRC channel as do many of the moderators and staff working on the game. Last December during a chat with the community Loftar revealed that the developers had indeed been working on a rewrite of Haven & Hearth under the working title of Hafen.

(23:36:34) <loftar> For the record, we’re working on the rewrite
of Haven under the working name of Hafen, so you can use that instead of
“haven2”. 😉

(23:40:08) <loftar> It’s not actually playable yet. Jorb has been playing a lot of Salem lately, though.
(23:40:13) <loftar> With the Gluttony rework and all.

Since that time information on Hafen has been non-existent, until recently. The official Haven & Hearth website was updated with brand new screenshots for Hafen, showing a colorful combination of Haven & Hearth’s unique artistic approach with Salem’s more updated texture quality. You can check the screenshots in the gallery above.

Source: Official Website

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