TV To MMO – Lost

A TV series that I felt had the potential to be one of the greatest of all time also shares that potential for the possibility of being an amazing MMO game, Lost. Now when I say it had the potential of becoming one of the greatest TV series of all time, I put a heavy emphasis on the “could”. The beginning was nothing but top quality viewing. I was intrigued to learn more about the characters, the mysterious island they now inhabited and the people that were there previously. But sadly things got ridiculously stupid towards the end and ruined the entire thing for me, but there’s still some potential for a similarly based MMO.

The main aspects of the series that I would like to see introduced to the MMO world are the survival aspects and the factor of the unknown. They didn’t know where they were, what was there or how long they’d be there. This unique feeling is absent in practically every single MMORPG game as the maps remain static; meaning once you’ve been there you know your way around and the fear is gone. You know what enemies spawn in what areas, you know what items can be found, etc. These elements are core features in a large portion of online RPG’s today, but repetition and predictability are never fun; unless winning the lottery in involved.

Although it’s an obvious flaw in today’s MMO gaming, it’s not one easily avoided. Even on a deserted island you would eventually know your way around but the fear would still exist due to wildlife and other factors. In typical MMO fashion monsters become easier as you level, with most normal ones posing zero threat but what if it was different? What if a bear always had the ability to kill you? Instead of peering over your shoulder at the TV you’d be locked in battle with basic survival tools and your instincts; or you’d flee to safety fearing to tread that familiar ground without further preparation.

Survival is also another element missed in many MMO titles. I cannot remember the name but I played a NDS title that forced the player to explore for basic survival elements such as food, water and shelter; and it was truly refreshing. Why must all MMO games be about finding extra powerful weapons out of the ass of a dragon? Why can’t survival be a focal feature? Scavenging for food, learning new recipes from the basic ingredients around you. There’s so much potential for something new but it would take a mind far more intelligent than mine to successfully pull it off.

How would you deal with the multiplayer aspects? Does playing with others automatically remove the fear element? What do you do after you’ve gathered supplies and survived for a few days?

So what do you guys think? Could elements from Lost provide a fresh approach to MMO gaming? Bonus points if anyone can tell me the name of that NDS game.

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