TV To MMO – The Walking Dead

What was I thinking? How could I start an article series detailing the best potential TV to MMO games without starting with The Walking Dead? Arguably one of the most popular shows on the TV today, and already a highly successful gaming franchise with TellTale’s story epic, The Walking Dead has all the ingredients it needs to become a top MMORPG game.

If for some strange reason you dislike zombies, or you’ve managed to shield yourself from The Walking Dead somehow, you’re seriously missing out. Not only does the TV series feature a compelling storyline with in-depth characters and realistic heroes, but it’s also home to decapitations, head-shots, and a variety of other gory juiciness that gets us twisted individuals weak at the knees.

TellTale have proven that The Walking Dead has the substance and story to provide gamers with an intriguing experience and Activision are putting their talents to an upcoming shooting title that has a heavy focus on one of the most popular characters from the TV show. That still leaves plenty of room for a more traditional RPG experience, and what better way to make an RPG than aiming for the masses?

I would imagine many mechanics similar to that of PlanetSide 2. A huge game-world that can support thousands of simultaneous players featuring vehicles and other basic forms of transportation. Couple this with survival mechanics from the likes of DayZ and War Z, and you’re well on the way to having a perfect MMO game.

Add in some in-depth character progression, animal hunting and player constructable environments and you’ve got everything you need. The Walking Dead has a far bigger following than other popular IP’s that have hit the MMO world and current games have already proven the series has a following.

Do you think we’ll see a Walking Dead MMO game? What features would you like to see included? Leave a comment below!

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