TV To MMO – Yu-Gi-Oh! Online

The popularity of a possible MMO adaptation of the hugely popular Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise is right up there with the mythical possibilities of a Pokemon MMO game, but would it work? To the delight of a certain rapist that frequents our MMOAttack articles, yes it would!

Yu-Gi-Oh! is a collectible trading card game with a popular TV series and a number of movies and other spin-offs. It was one of those games that you’d happily play with your geek friends, but you’d deny all knowledge of when asked by one of the popular kids. I was a geek in denial growing up, totally convincing myself that I wasn’t part of the social outcasts that filled the ranks of our schools geek squad. However, denial doesn’t make that fact and I often found myself engrossed in the latest geek trends. When I was first introduced to Yu-Gi-Oh! I laughed it off, mocking it as a childish card game meant for nothing more than collecting stupid pictures with randomly associated numbers. In truth however, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Yu-Gi-Oh! manages to capture the OCD essence of collecting cards with an in-depth strategical approach to tactical card gaming. Considered by many to be the next leap up after trying your hand at Pokemon battles, Yu-Gi-Oh! still remains popular in many circles today.

We have had a few Yu-Gi-Oh! MMO games emerge in recent years but these were mainly 2D versions of the card battling system, and didn’t really include any serious social features or 3D exploration. The recipe for a successful Yu-Gi-Oh! MMO is already in place thanks to the critically acclaimed Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories released on the original Playstation. The only thing it lacked was a serious multiplayer feature.

Imagine practically any MMO game today. The 3D exploration, the variety of quests and other activities, and the ability to battle other players in PvP combat. Then simply combine this with the ability to collect cards, summon monsters and compete in tournaments; now you have the perfect Yu-Gi-Oh! MMO.

I’m not convinced that there’s any serious chance of a Yu-Gi-Oh! MMO game emerging any time soon, but I can still wait and hope. The CCG and TCG genres are hardly considered in terms of MMO gaming and the ones that have released are nothing but micro-transaction based games that force players to invest for the stronger cards; creating a pay-to-win approach that even APB would be embarrassed about.

I’ve actually still got my Yu-Gi-Oh! deck. A deck that’s almost 10 years old and saw me through over 300 battles undefeated (my friends sucked). I’d probably still play today if I knew anyone else that was into the CCG/TCG scene. Have you ever played? Do you still play today? Do you think there’s potential here for a good MMO?

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