Two RuneScape Players Turn Fantasy Into Reality

Jagex, developers of the critically acclaimed RuneScape, today released a report detailing the success of the RuneScape Bonds system that has allowed two RuneScape players to fund a trip to this year’s RuneFest event entirely through in-game transactions. Released last year, the ‘pay through play’ features of RuneScape’s Bonds system allows players to fund their subscription and other expenses through the selling of in-game Bonds, an initiative that has also helped dropped illegal gold selling activities by a massive 80%.

The trading of Bonds can also be used for real-world benefits as Aaron James and another players from Missouri USA became the first players to fund a transatlantic trip to this year’s RuneFest fan convention. The two players exchanged their bonds for return flights, a hotel room, RuneFest tickets and spending money all without spending a single dollar of real currency.

“I cannot describe the relief and realisation that our dream
of coming to the UK and to RuneFest is going to happen. Without being able to
buy the flight, hotel, and crystal coins with Bonds, this was never going to be
realistic for us because it would be too expensive,” said Aaron James, from
Missouri, United States. “We’re just tremendously excited, and looking forward
to meeting the J-Mods and some of our fellow RuneScape players next month.”

Since the debut of Bonds in 2013 over 2.3 million have been purchased, with more than 80% being redeemed for RuneScape membership – totally over 27 million membership days.

“Our community responded
fantastically to the introduction of Bonds a year ago, which resulted in many
millions of Bonds being purchased and redeemed. A year later, nearly 20% of
RuneScape players pay for their membership subscription through their in-game
efforts and half of the premium RuneCoin currency comes from bond redemptions”,
said Phil Mansell, vice president of RuneScape. “This has also helped bring
greater stability to the game economy, and has reduced incidents of gold
farming and botting to an all-time low.”

Free holiday abroad with spending money and accommodation? Can’t complain.

Source: Press Release

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