Tyr Released As Latest SMITE God

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Hi-Rez Studios today released the latest SMITE God reveal video for the latest addition to the expanding MOBA roster Tyr, The Lawgiver. The new God joins the ranks of the melee bruisers alongside fearsome God’s such as Odin, Thor and Fenrir. He’s one of only two God’s that offer different abilities based on a specific stance, joining Hel in the higher ranks of multi-tasking. The new reveal video goes into greater detail for all of Tyr’s abilities but we’ve outlined the basics below.

Tyr’s passive ability, Unyielding, restricts opponent stuns, taunts, fears and mesmerize durations to that of 1 second. Leaving only very few viable crowd control options Unyielding is sure to stir up the SMITE community during the days following Tyr’s release.

His primary ability has two different applications depending on Tyr’s stance. In Assault stance the ability sees Tyr lunge towards opponents hitting them twice and knocking them into the air. Activated while under Guardian attacks enemies only one time but knocks them further away.

Tyr’s next ability, Power Cleave, launches a 180 degree arc of damage. In Assault stance Power Cleave will knock back any enemies that are currently airborne. While in Guardian stance Power Cleave heals Tyr for every enemy he hits.

Finally his ultimate ability, Lawbringer, sees Try launch into the air before dealing massive damage in a circular radius upon landing. Enemies in the area are also slowed.

Other features in this weeks patch include Golden Skins for Arachne and Neith, a new user interface style inside the lobby and new voice packs for Hercules, Hebo and Tyr.


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