Open World Winter Sports MMO Revealed

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Poppermost today revealed an exciting addition to the roster of upcoming MMO’s for the year with SNOW, the first open world winter sports game. SNOW will give players complete freedom while exploring a massive mountain environment, offering the choice of either ski or snowboard-based exploration. It will also feature content for both competitive and casual players as group and solo events are available, as well as intense competitions.

Player customization will also feature heavily as players can browse entire catalogues of real-world brands, giving them the opportunity to hit the slopes in the very latest winter fashion. The alpha release is set to hit PC’s later this year with a demonstration planned for the upcoming Gamescom event.

Very little else is known about the game currently but Poppermost have revealed their close partnership with Crytek and the usage of the famous CryEngine 3 as a development tool.

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